Concerning Praise

It was my turn to teach our family devotion yesterday morning, from Psalm 33. It would be a lovely thing for you to read right about now… (pause while you read it)…I made some interesting observations about praise.

Why should we praise?

#1. Praise is appropriate for us as believers

It makes us acceptable and attractive to Yahweh

How should we praise?

#2. Musical instruments are recommended to help stir us up to praise

It seems like we are often reluctant to praise, and should use outward means to get ourselves into a spirit of praise

#3. We are told to sings new songs

We’re encouraged to write new songs of praise to Yahweh. We’re not limited to “classic hymns” and we should be careful that, whatever we sing, we don’t allow ourselves to fall into a comfortable groove and loose focus on what we’re saying

#4. We should play “skillfully”

Even though our praise shouldn’t be to show-off, skillful playing requires practice and shows time and effort. David said he wouldn’t offer Yahweh anything that cost him nothing.

What should we praise?

#5. We should praise Yahweh’s character

He is trustworthy and faithful—a good friend

He is righteous and just—a good judge

He is so merciful that the world is full of his mercy—a good king

#6. We should praise Yahweh’s creation

He can create by the word of his mouth

He can also destroy by the word of his mouth

#7. We should praise Yahweh’s counsel

He thwarts the plans of men

His plans are never thwarted

Those who live by his plans are blessed

#8. We should praise Yahweh’s care

He humbles himself to look into the earth

He tests hearts, not actions

He is our defense

Spiritually—salvation from Hell

Physically—He shields us from famine

Where should we praise?

#9. I never found any limits…

When should we praise?

#10. No limits there, either!

Psalm 100:4 says “I will enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise.”

Are you feeling spiritually dry? Can’t seem to connect with Yahweh in prayer, or focus on his word to read or study it? Here’s the answer…the secret pass-word: PRAISE! Start telling God what he’s done and you’ll find yourself in his presence.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Are you feeling lost and looking for Yahweh’s will? You can’t miss it if you’re praising Him!

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