In the Silence

In the silence of a lonely hour

God’s spirit moves in me with power

And restless though my soul may be

It pauses listening quietly.

Alone with God is not alone.

My heart shall be His royal throne.

And I shall seek Him quietly

And in the silence bend my knee.

If ever dungeon plight is mine

I need not murmur or repine

For God Himself shall be with me

And he will hold me tenderly.

I need not fear the lonely days

While I have heart to sing His praise.

And if my tongue be from me torn

He’ll speak to me on silent morn.

If ever praise be shut inside

And deafening gloom in me reside,

And though my head seems split apart

He’ll split the silence in my heart!

If din and noise around are loud

Entrapping me in worldly cloud

Then God shall cause the sounds to cease

And in my soul he’ll grant me peace.

Though I should sink as low as hell

My God would whisper there as well.

For where I am there He shall be

Comforting me quietly.

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