There is a Song

There is a song in the heart of a girl

Who is waiting on God

To take her out of this world

No joy is completed

Or sorrow intense

Can subdue the longing

she has for her Prince

There is a prayer in the heart of a girl

With a mission to face

As she walks in this world

No crown is completed

No wreath has been won

Till the Prince by His coming

Says the harvest is done.

There is a love in the heart of a girl

As she looks all around

At the pain in this world

She sees all the floundering

Grasping hope that is new

And she tells of a Prince

Who is coming back soon

There is a joy in the heart of a girl

As she thinks of the Prince

Coming back to this world

All the weepers He’ll comfort

The wars will all cease

As they gaze on the pierced One

Her own Prince of Peace.

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