A Simple Prayer

A simple prayer I offer

Humbly before Your throne

Oh hear the words I proffer

And take me as Your own

Oh hear my eager crying

Your face my only view

My trembling heart requiring

To be at peace with You.

I ask no other blessing

Than that You own my name

While I am Your confessing

Oh do for me the same

Till all the hosts here dwelling

Know as the hosts above

That all my sins dispelling

You claim me with Your love

Indwell Your precious temple

With truth and wisdom’s glow

Make me forever simple

Your word all that I know

And teach my heart to ponder

Each day as ever new

In never ending wonder

The mystery of You

And though this prayer is ending

Cease never our commune

The Spirit which You’re sending

Precedes Your coming soon

Refresh me with the water

Springing to eternal life

I am Jehovah’s daughter

And Your own promised wife

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