Concerning Wise Men

I know I am a day late, but when you stop to think about it, the magi probably arrived a year after the birth of Jesus, so I'm in good company.

This year I've been pondering the wise men, who embarked on a tedious journey from the luxurious East to the small town of Bethlehem in pursuit of a star. At their journey's end, they found, not a great, rich, powerful man, but a small child with His mother--and they bowed down and worshiped Him.


These wise men were students, not only of the stars, but likely of the ancient writings--including the words of several prophets: Balaam, a man of their own, who was sent to curse God's people and, rebuked by his donkey, blessed them instead and Daniel, a hebrew captive who rose to be one of the leading Magi of his time, through the aid of the God He set His heart to obey.

Daniel prophesied the coming of the Jewish Messiah, who would rule the world with a rod of a time 490 years from his writing.

Balaam prophesied the rise of a star in the land of Israel--a scepter in the land of Jacob.

When a star appeared in the night sky, hanging over the land of Israel, the wise men knew this King had been born.

But Jesus was so much more than just the King of the Jews. The gifts of the Magi proclaimed His tri-fold purpose and person.

Gold--the gift for a King--the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Frankincense--offered to the divine, to the Son of Almighty God.

Myrhh--the expensive embalming, proclaiming to all that Jesus was the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, judged perfect to die as atonement for all humanity.

These men, renouned for their wisdom, traveled miles to behold and worship what others recognized as only a child. Two thousand years have passed, but wise men still seek Him, still find Him, still fall to their knees in reverence and woship.

This year, my prayer is that you might seek the Savior--King, God and Sacrifice.

Turn your speakers up and follow this link:

We, wise men of orient are.
Bearing gifts we travel from far...

Glorious now, behold Him rise
King and God and Sacrifice!
Heav'n cries "Hallelujah!"
"Hallelujah," earth replies.

Oh, star of wonder...
Guide us to that one True Light.

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