Psalm 13: The Howling Psalm

1-2: The Complaint

God has forgotten

God only forgets when His law has been forgotten (Hosea 4)

Deuteronomy 4:31 31 "For the LORD your God is a compassionate God; He will not fail you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant with your fathers which He swore to them.

God is hiding

In the scriptures, God threatens to hide His face from those who practice evil deeds. David knows how to prevent God from hiding His face, and He knows how to remedy it.

I’m alone

I have to take counsel in my soul, because there is no one else to take counsel in!

I’m sad

He’s pretty sad if He has sorrow all the day.

My enemy exults

They are excited about how poorly I am doing. They think they won!

3-4: The Prayer

Take thought

Think about my complaints and then answer them

Answer me

Enlighten my eyes

Don’t let me die!

Don’t let my enemies rejoice when I am shaken.

He who is righteous won’t be shaken (Psalm 15, 55, 126, 10)

5-6: The Praise

I have trusted

You are faithful. I’ll believe that you won’t forget me, that You won’t hide from me or allow me to be shaken, as long as I am righteous.

I will rejoice

I will praise and rejoice because You will save me.

I will sing

You have dealt kindly with me

You’ve given me better than I deserve:

You remember me

You are friends with me

You speak to me and I to you

You give me joy

You avenge me on my enemies

You give me life

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the assurance that You have not forgotten us, for the promise that, if we seek You, we will find You, and for Your gift of eternal life. Be with us every day to counsel us and cheer us and to lift us up so that the wicked won’t exult over us. We know that, if we are righteous, You will not allow us to be shaken, and if we remember Your law, You will remember us. We praise You for Your faithfulness and Your mercy. Thank You for all Your kindness!


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